Change log

  • EntraPT v1.5.0 (online since 28 September 2022)
    Introduced the new help system. The help buttons at the top of each window redirect the user to the online manual, showing examples and instructions to use the many functionalities of EntraPT.
  • EntraPT v1.4.0 (online since 25 July 2022)
    More details are now reported in the log during the calculation of the entrapment isomeke.
  • EntraPT v1.3.0 (online since 10 May 2022)
    New elastic properties for garnets available after Angel et al. [2022]. See here what has changed.
  • EntraPT v1.2.0 (online since 13 April 2021)
    Fixes to user registration issues and improved logon speed
  • EntraPT v1.1.0 (online since 27 November 2020)
    Fixes to improve stability
  • EntraPT v1.0.0 (online since 11 June 2020)
    First public release